Split seconds


Chronological: large (400+) photo-collection at Behance.net/dutchbaker





Photography replaced (oil-) painting for portraiture and as a documenting medium soon after it was invented. Realism was achieved in a new way.


In the old days, light fell through the lens onto a film with light-sensitive emulsion, causing a chemical reaction. Single moments could be preserved as photographic images.

Big town

In digital photography we still use lens and camera, but nowadays the only chemicals involved are the inks for printing the photographs.


So what do I see from my perspective? Look at these photos and you might notice that often the subject is only casually present,


embedded in a larger environment. The photos are time[less] capsules with fleeting single moments anchored inside.

Organic flow

And in keeping these captures we also see what shapes our thought, in the passage of time, of...