AlphaBot 26 Holes

AlphaBot ~ Holes ~ Rosetta Stone

Holes in Rosetta Stone

Conversions of words to words in a smaller radix will introduce zero's,
empty (Ø) elements, Holes, inside these converted words.
Much like a hole through a sphere creates a taurus (donut) shape.

To call attention to this, 
any text interpreted as AlphaBot will have the holes printed bold.

Variable Radixes
If the radix is decreased, 
holes appear and the text expands and starts to look 'stale'... 

If the radix is down to 1 (binary, digital), 
Holes take up half of the text. 

If the radix goes back up, the text condensates again.  
Arriving back at the original radix, the holes will have disappeared completely, 
and words will have shrunk back to their original size. 

If the radix keeps going up beyond 27, 
words will keep on shrinking and their possible meanings will inflate. 
Hypothetically still, 
if the radix reaches infinity all possible is said in one single sound.

  "5556683116452 4132 7636516104.
  495956 10236 501216 114703 7622393761."

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